"Who we are cannot be separated from where we're from"

Malcolm Gladwell (Journalist, Author and Speaker. B 1963)
Case Studies
Case Study One
Paul Schroeder and Yusuf Syed:
Paul Schroeder, Chief Operating Officer for Treasury at Standard Chartered Bank mentored a second year Economics student at University of Greenwich – Yusuf Syed under the Adab Trust Mentoring Programme.
Yusuf took part in the mentoring programme because he sought to gain vital career advice from an experienced finance professional. Keen to build a successful career in Finance, Yusuf wanted a mentor who could give him a better understanding of the practical steps he needed to take to achieve professional success.
Paul and Yusuf met fairly regularly and they both found the mentoring experience rewarding experience. Paul commented:
"It is very rewarding to help someone out by passing on your experience and knowledge, but I have been very lucky to have such a keen mentee........I have tried to be extremely practical in advice, and have arranged a one month internship with my company (a major Bank)."
Yusuf was extremely grateful to have his mentor's support and when asked for feedback about the whole experience, he replied:
"I entered the first mentoring session extremely unsure as to my career prospects and lacking confidence in my own skills and abilities. Through sessions with my mentor I have been able to make a firm decision as to my desired career path."
"I cannot stress enough how beneficial my sessions with Paul have been. I have gained a real world understanding of my finance modules – significantly supplementing my knowledge for my academic endeavours. I have also acquired invaluable work experience at a major financial institution."
"Signing up for this mentoring scheme is the best decision I have ever made. It has changed my life for the better and now I am sure of career goals and work requirements."
Case Study Two
Nargis Rahman and Joanna Popis:
Nargis Rahman works in Corporate Communications at HM Revenue & Customs. She has mentored undergraduates since 2011 – by taking part in The Adab Trust Mentoring programme. Her most recent mentee is Joanna Popis, a final year University of Greenwich student studying for a BA Hons in International Studies (Global Studies)
Nargis and Joanna met monthly to discuss any queries/ concerns Joanna had with regards to producing effective CVs, personal statements, job applications, post graduate opportunities and confidence building
Both participants felt the programme was extremely rewarding. When asked whether she had benefitted from the mentoring programme, Nargis replied:
"YES – self satisfying; increase in confidence; networking opportunities; experience something different outside work; increase self awareness and professionalism."
With regards to whether Nargis provided her with the practical assistance and knowledge she sought, Joanna commented:
"Through mentor/mentee meetings, I have been exposed to a professional environment of two different government departments – the Department of Work and Pensions an HMRC. With the aim of taking full advantage of our monthly sessions, our meetings were pre-planned so that all matters were covered. During the meetings, my mentor shared her vast professional expertise and knowledge but also assisted me with her in-depth guidance and support."
Joanna also indicated that the mentoring experience had boosted her confidence:
"Participation in the scheme has not only given me the confidence necessary to pursue my immediate plans...mainly undertaking a Masters programme at one of the most prestigious educational establishments; but also assisted me with approaching my goals with a more pro-active attitude and the perseverance that is so necessary to succeed."
Case Study Three
Conchita Mliswa, BSc Mathematics, University of Greenwich
In the process of applying for an Operations Analyst role, Conchita was invited to attend a very competitive assessment day event. To boost her chances of excelling at this assessment process, she approached the Adab Trust for training and tips.
The Trust provided her with tailored advice and support – involving role play and discussions. Happily, the advice she received from the Trust gave her the confidence and skills needed to excel at the Assessment Day event. She was offered her desired job role and she was very positive about the support she received from the Trust:
"Thank you so much for the help with my NATS assessment day preparation. I have been offered a place with for the Operational Analysis role, I was applying for and I truly believe that I would not have been successful had it not been for your support and advice."
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