"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Nationalist Leader, 1869 – 1948)
Liz Meek
(Director at Sanctuary Housing, Chair at Centre for London, Governor at Birkbeck College,University of London. Formerly, Advisor on Local Integrated Services at Cabinet office):
"I really enjoyed my London Met masterclass. The room was packed with lively intelligent young people who seemed genuinely interested in what I said about my background and career. It was the first time I had talked in this way about myself and felt it was a comfortable experience and taught me some things too. After the lecture and questions a group gathered for more specific advice on public sector careers and I later sent them details of internships and entry routes. All in all a life enhancing experience and a chance to meet a lovely and eminently employable group of young people."
Jenni Douglas-Todd
(Chief Executive at Hampshire Police Authority):
"I supported the Adab Trust's work by giving a masterclass on the 2nd November 2011 at London Metropolitan University. It was a fulfilling experience from a number of perspectives
  • the number of students who used their free time to come and listen/participate
  • the level of interest and engagement from the students
  • the great feedback provided by the students
Added to the above, the reception I have received from both Dermot and Cordelia has been warm, engaging and inspiring. They are really committed to using their skills, talents and connections for providing students with the tools to survive and excel in a world which is often not easy for them to reach. Through their passion, commitment and strong organisational skills the Adab are well to achieving their vision of improving the employability prospects of students from BME and/or disadvantaged backgrounds. Due to my belief in their ability to meet their vision both through the masterclasses and mentoring programme I have had no hesitation in recommending others to the Adab Trust to participate as mentors or in running masterclasses."
Richard Addy
(Audience Strategy Consultant, The Guardian Newspaper):
"I joined the Adab Trust list of lecture givers in December 2011, as part of a career change following 10 years as a senior executive in the BBC. At the same time I also started up an independent audience strategy consultancy and have become a Trustee with Mind - the mental health charity.
I have found the Adab Trust session deeply rewarding. The students appear to really value honest and open stories as well as honest and open advice. I have personally learnt a lot from listening to their various challenges. I'm convinced that this face to face experience is a key way to change these student's lives and attitudes. The whole approach is supported by the professionalism and dedication of the Adab Trust working in close collaboration with Universities. I personally look forward to working with the Adab Trust for many more years and I would strongly advise others to support its excellent work."
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